Unicorn srl is an innovative and dynamic company whose main objective is to market and sell unique and carefully selected products that have been created by outstanding engineering teams to meet extremely high quality requirements.

Vibe-Tribe is a product line that Unicorn has dedicated to all music lovers, to accompany them where ever they go and fill any moment with emotions. Because Vibe Tribe makes your world sound!

Vibe Tribe represents Unicorn’s first project on the European market. Special attention has therefore been given to each of the products to ensure their success as drivers of entertainment and passion.

Unicorn only selects products and solutions that have been created in full respect for the environment and human rights, and strongly wishes its clients to share the same conviction that the quality of its products is dependant upon the rights of the people who work to produce them  and on the environment in which they are created and used.

det orbitORBIT speaker

..l'essenza delle vibrazioni ora rinchiuse in un gioiello sferico.
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Mamba detailMAMBA speaker

...lo speaker completamente a vibrazione più potente al mondo. Una vera bomba.!..
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MAMBA SWA mini  home smallMamba Swarovski® Edition

...the world's most powerfull vibration speaker now shines with Swarovski® Crystals
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